Workshops available

Upon request the co-leaders of the Australian Graduate Employability project, featured in these webpages, are pleased to come to your university to engage your staff in evidence-based professional development to improve graduate employability.  Supporting the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching ethos of collaboration and impact, there will be no presenter charge for this workshop.

The only charge will be economy flights, accommodation and basic travel costs for the facilitators.

Here is a sample customised workshop description for one of the university workshops (1.5 hours) we have delivered.

How universities can improve students’ graduate employability

Universities have a heightened responsibility for assuring that higher education alumni have the developed capacity to obtain and or create work. The goal of this workshop is to supplement the knowledge, skills and resources academics and university leaders have to improve graduate employability.

The workshop will be led by Associate Professors Shelley Kinash and Linda Crane from Bond University. The content and resources are grounded in their completed co-led 2013 Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching strategic priority project on graduate employability. The interactive workshop will summarise the research project’s key findings regarding the discrepant perspectives of the four stakeholder groups of students, graduates, employers and higher education educators and career development professionals, based on analysed data from 705 survey respondents and 147 interviewees and focus group participants.

The workshop will include the range of activities universities have implemented regarding employability, including the Beyond Bond and Bond Core initiatives. Participants will engage in interactive activities to discover: what we can build into the everyday curriculum to support students in relation to employability, how we can better engage with employers and overall industry and how we can align assessment and employability. Stakeholder perspectives and roles will be considered, including how your university overall can be strategic and distinctive in employability and employment outcomes.

Participants are encouraged to bring their university strategic plan, school and program plans, subject outlines and assessment descriptions.

Previous workshops have brought together key staff from across the university including such roles as:
 Pro Vice-Chancellor, Coursework
 Manager, Career Development, Head of Department,
 Associate Professor,
 Strategic Initiatives Officer
, Senior Recruitment Business Partner, Learning Advisor.

Participant Testimonials

“Makes me feel confident about my contribution to student success.”
“Very inspiring, practical & thought provoking with specific steps to take.”
“The enthusiasm and effort of the presenters really set the scene.
The anecdotes were very helpful.”
“Thank you for promoting and espousing a sharing culture.”

To start discussing your customised professional development, contact Linda Crane or Shelley Kinash