Students need to get-with industry technology, if you want to be hired after graduation

In the early 1990’s three technological transitions happened so rapidly that soon-after, they were no longer considered technologies. They were so commonplace, so quickly, that they felt like they had always existed, and were as invisible to business consciousness as walls and light fixtures. I will tell three short stories to explain each. I was studying for my Master’s degree … Read More

What Do Universities Mean by Co-curricular Student Experience?

Jane and Joe attended two different universities, and graduated with the same degree in the same discipline and with roughly equivalent grades. It is four-months past their graduations and Jane is employed in her chosen industry and getting rave probationary reviews. Joe applied for the same position and was not hired. In fact, Joe is still looking for work. Here … Read More

7 Tips For International Students To Increase Their Employability

This article was originally published on LinkedIn by Jesslyn Lan. The more vocabulary you know, the more eloquently you will be able to express yourself in your resume and job interviews. Having English as a second language is not an excuse to be a poor English speaker. In fact, being an international student means you automatically speak another language (or two!) … Read More

What Are Today’s Best Job Search Strategies?

Facebook LinkedIn Twitter WhatsApp Messenger Have these and other forms of social media changed the way in which people successfully search for (and find) jobs? Should you be changing your strategies? At the 2016 Conference of the National Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services, Bruce Guthrie, Graduate Careers Australia (GCA), presented data revealing that while some job strategies have … Read More

What does it mean to be a Global Citizen? (And why does it matter to my future career)

There is a lot of buzz about the term – Global Citizenship – particularly within universities. Global Citizenship means that your identity, perspective and reach extends beyond the country and culture where you grew-up and/or where you are completing your university degree. Global Citizenship expands your geographical reach in that you are open to, and have developed the capability of, … Read More

Which University Should I Choose Based On Employability Rankings?

World university employability rankings were recently published by TIMES and QS. While Australian National University, Monash University, The University of Melbourne and The University of Sydney appeared in both lists, they were ranked in a different order. Furthermore, The University of New South Wales appeared in one and The University of Queensland in the other. I was contacted by Xiaoning, … Read More

Are Australian and European employers just as likely to hire you, once you’ve graduated from university?

Australia is one of the top study abroad locations, including by Europeans. Many domestic and international graduates from Australian universities aspire to careers in Europe. So, how can students from Australian universities keep the doors open to European careers upon graduation? There are 6 main differences between what it means to be employable in Australia and Europe. High Distinctions matter more … Read More

Do employers think that university degrees are a waste of time?

Our research team asked employers (across industries) – What are the ‘superskills’ (soft skills/core skills) that uni graduates need? They responded – Communication Motivation/Initiative Leadership Employers elaborated on each skill. They want employees who can write emails and reports with a professional tone and in full sentences with proper grammar and without spelling mistakes. They want employees who can think … Read More