Which University Should I Choose Based On Employability Rankings?

World university employability rankings were recently published by TIMES and QS. While Australian National University, Monash University, The University of Melbourne and The University of Sydney appeared in both lists, they were ranked in a different order. Furthermore, The University of New South Wales appeared in one and The University of Queensland in the other. I was contacted by Xiaoning, … Read More

The Best Features of Australian Education

A solid education is the equivalent of a super-power. In his “Accelerating Innovation with Leadership” blog post – Bill Gates wrote that one of four objectives political leaders should prioritise is – ‘Give every student and teacher new tools so all students get a world-class education.’ Learning opens humans’ eyes to possibilities and options. Credentials can change people’s entire quality … Read More

Lessons From The 2016 Olympics – About Learning And Employability

I turned on the television during a semi-finals and an Australian competitor was clearly going to make it into the finals. The commentator said, “At this point, it’s all academic.” The word ‘academic’ was being used to mean ‘inconsequential, irrelevant, meaningless and not real-world.’ No one raised an eyebrow at this usage and no one disputed the comment. No wonder … Read More

Postgrads (Masters and Doctoral) don’t need employment supports – Or do they?

When we think of Masters students, we usually think of people who have completed Bachelor degrees and successfully moved into careers in their field. They are returning to university on their own volition, or with their employer’s sponsorship, to deepen their knowledge base and refine their skills. We tend to believe that after completing their Masters, these individuals will be … Read More

Reflections on International Students and Graduate Employability from India

I am currently in Delhi, India. It is monsoon season (July) which means that the gardens are lush and green and the air is what English-speaking locals call sticky hot. I have been invited here by the Australian High Commission in India in a project envisioned and led by Professor James Arvanitakis, Dean – Graduate Research School, Western Sydney University … Read More

Are Australian and European employers just as likely to hire you, once you’ve graduated from university?

Australia is one of the top study abroad locations, including by Europeans. Many domestic and international graduates from Australian universities aspire to careers in Europe. So, how can students from Australian universities keep the doors open to European careers upon graduation? There are 6 main differences between what it means to be employable in Australia and Europe. High Distinctions matter more … Read More

Do employers think that university degrees are a waste of time?

Our research team asked employers (across industries) – What are the ‘superskills’ (soft skills/core skills) that uni graduates need? They responded – Communication Motivation/Initiative Leadership Employers elaborated on each skill. They want employees who can write emails and reports with a professional tone and in full sentences with proper grammar and without spelling mistakes. They want employees who can think … Read More

Graduate Employment Rates Are Actually Higher Than You Think

One night, a young man crouched down under a street-lamp feeling around as if he had lost something. An old man stopped and asked if he could help. The young man welcomed the assistance, explaining that he had lost a rare old coin. The old man crouched down a small distance from the young man and joined him in looking … Read More